You were chosen to be a part of someone's RÉSO (network)?

Whether you are a friend, parent or significant adult or a help provider working with this person, here is a little information about

Being chosen to be a part of someone's network (RÉSO) simply means that s/he trusts you as someone who may be able to help in the event that s/he is faced with an overwhelming difficulty.

In order to support and guide you in this role we have put together useful bits of information within this very site; for example:

  • What is

    You will find more information on the application and its features on this site. Click here for more infomation about RÉSO.

  • What to do or say to a friend who is really not doing well

    Visit the Tel-Jeunes site which is comprehensive and addresses issues that can help you in all circumstances, it can only be beneficial for you and your friend to know about this site. You'll find lots of tips to help your friend and ways to encourage them to consult. Do not hesitate to call the line 1 866-APPELLE , where people can also support you to better help your friend.

  • Find 24/7 help resources

    The application contains the resources available at any time by phone or text message that you can refer to for support.

  • Find other resources

    You will find a directory of the different help resources you have around you. They are divided into categories to help you in your search!

  • Adult or consellor ?

    We have provided you with a complete user's guide for how to use RESO. Click here to read.

  • Download RÉSO

    A link so that you can also download the App so that you can go through it in order to better understand its inner workings, but also so that you can use it yourself if you feel inspired to.